Modern Dealers

For decades, used cars were seen by many consumers as piles of junk metal needing a home. Prior to recent advancements in the materials and technology in new cars, vehicles that had seen multiple owners were generally unusable. But with modern auto service technology, a used car’s life can be extended to much greater lengths than in the past. Today, we have Dealer certified pre-owned vehicles, which bring all the benefits of a new car without the depreciation that occurs in the first few years of ownership. And unlike other dealer-certified programs that might skip over important inspection points, a Precision Prepared™ Certification is backed by experienced industry professionals who spare no cost in ensuring that every detail of your car is factory-standard.

Sales Experience

When a used car first comes into our shop to be put on the lot, it first undergoes multi point inspections performed by our team of Master Technicians and Service Advisers. The level of detail in this inspection process is equivalent to that of a factory-certification program, with extra attention to noted issues in the car’s past performance history. Once every issue has been fixed, our cars then undergo a full servicing, to bring the quality of the vehicle to like-new. Finally, after a third quality control check by our General Manager, the car is ready to be put on the lot. Other used car dealers skip these multistep preparations to save time and money, at the expense of a diminished final result. At Precision, our priority is to give our customer’s the highest quality used car possible, and that’s why you won’t find a more reliable used car than a Precision Prepared™ certified pre-owned Vehicle.