Green Business Pledge

Environmental Protection Is Everyone’s Responsibility

…both in our personal lives and in the business world. The automobile industry is at the front of the battle against pollution, meeting the demand for personal transportation in a growing population, while offering more efficient automobiles which use cleaner fuel products.

The Past Decade Underscored the Impact Pollutants Are Having on Our Planet

we have responded by significantly improving the methods by which we process transportation wastes such as used motor oil, tires, batteries, coolants, cleaners, paint products, etc. We expressly follow all government regulations and environmental recommendations with regard to use and disposal of hazardous waste products. The costs associated with doing so have increased with new legislation and regulations. The costs being incurred by Precision are being paid by the refuse parts we remove from your vehicle and recycle. Working together with our customers we have been able to help preserve your environment and ours without passing any additional costs on to the public.

Thank you for your continued support.