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Ball Joint

Ball Joint Inspection and Replacement:

A ball joint is a flexible ball and socket that attaches the wheel hub to the suspension. It can move in every direction to help the tire maintain road contact during steering, stopping and shock absorption.  These parts are workhorses and often neglected or overlooked.  The importance of these parts cannot be overestimated. If you feel your car wandering in it’s lane or darting about after encountering a pothole please have the suspension inspected.

Ball Joint Failure is not an Option:

We recommend getting the ball joints lubricated or checked every time you have an oil change. If you’re hearing clicking, popping or snapping sounds when the wheel is turned, chances are the joints are wearing or on the verge of failure. Replacing the joints is not part of routine maintenance, but eventually the grease inside the ball joints will dry out, causing the joint to become loose or fail. If ignored long enough these joints can break, causing substantial damage to your steering and suspension system and potentially causing you to lose control of the car.

Proper maintenance of your car’s ball joints is critical to your safety. If one of these fails at high speed, the damage could be catastrophic. From an environmental point of view, there is little or no impact from a failure of this component

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