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Spark Plugs

Modern Spark Plugs:

A spark plug is a device that delivers an electric spark into the combustion chamber of your engine. It ignites the compressed mixture of fuel and air, causing the pistons to move up and down. The power from the pistons is what ultimately keeps your car moving. To ensure a long life modern spark plugs contain Platinum and other rare metals.  Long life parts seem less expensive but when the time comes to replace them the price is often higher than we expect.  Modern plugs are nothing like the plugs in the cars from our past.

Neglecting Spark Plugs Can Lead to Expensive Repairs:

We recommend getting your spark plugs checked every 30,000 miles. However, if you are having problems starting your car, or it runs poorly while idling, chances are your plugs are misfiring. Replacing your plugs is part of routine maintenance. If left unchecked, engine performance and fuel efficiency will suffer. Some manufacturers don’t suggest replacement until 100,000 miles.  By waiting 100,000 miles many spark plugs will have locked themselves into the aluminum cylinder heads due to dissimilar metal electrolysis. Repair at this point will cost thousands and it is totally preventable with 30,000 mile inspections.

Without a good spark, your car won’t start or might stall, leaving you stranded. From an environmental point of view, fully functioning plugs will not only save gas but reduce air pollution.

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