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Battery Replacement

Battery replacement should never leave you stranded.  Regular testing and service should be part of your routine maintenance to avoid a preventable failure.  The heart of your vehicle’s electrical system is the battery. Internal to this workhorse device is a series of lead plates submerged in an electrolyte solution. Your 12-volt car battery permits a chemical reaction to take place that produces electricity for use throughout the vehicle. This is the power used to start the engine.  Once the engine has started the alternator supplies electricity to all of the vehicle’s systems and components, including the power necessary to charge your battery.

While incredibly durable and reliable batteries do have a limited lifespan. We recommend having a battery replacement and a charging system check every 3 to 5 years as required. Be sure to regularly ask your service advisor to check your car’s electrical system which will typically include a battery load test.  There is generally no warning — It just dies.  We also recommend keeping the terminals of the battery clean at all times. Corrosion is the enemy of a good electrical connection.

Failure to change your battery may also force your alternator to work harder leading to premature failure and costly replacement. From a safety standpoint, a dead battery won’t likely pose a problem for other motorists but could leave you stranded in a parking lot. There is a low environmental impact unless there is a crack in the case as battery acid is hazardous and could be a threat to yourself, pets, and other animals.

Battery Replacement Due to Heat

The heat of the Arizona summer is not only hard on us but also on our car batteries.  Heat is the number one killer of batteries.  Be conscious of this in the summer months and have your battery tested.

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