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Oil Temperature Sensor

Oil Temperature Sensor:

The oil temperature sensor is an electronic device within your engine that monitors oil temperature. Most sensors in your engine don’t have a recommended service interval; you just have to replace them when they fail. In the event that a Check Engine Light is displayed on your instrument panel or your engine starts overheating, there is a chance your oil temp. sensor is not working properly.  With this in mind testing will need to be performed to diagnose the problem.  Because the engine is cooled by air, oil and coolant it is imperative that the onboard computer responsible for engine management receives good information in order to preserve the engine and warn you if a problem is developing.

The Oil Temperature Sensor is Vitally Important:

Replacing the sensor is inexpensive compared to the damage that can be done. Given that an oil temperature sensor has failed, the engine won’t know when to shut itself off and will overheat. Ignoring an overheating engine can lead to permanent damage.When these types of sensors fail they don’t always illuminate a dashboard light.  There are occurrences when the sensor is working but providing the incorrect oil temperature reading to the computer. In this case we measure the actual oil temperature and compare this to what the sensor says the oil temperature is and we replace the sensor if it is not reading correctly. An instrument panel light will only illuminate if the sensor has failed completely and has no output or output beyond the normal ranges.

From a safety standpoint, an overheating engine can leave you stranded. From an environmental point of view, there is no impact from oil temperature sensor failure.

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