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Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is what enables you to turn your steering wheel without a great deal of effort. The fluid in the system is pumped to the power steering rack and pinion that enables power assisted steering. If you’re having trouble turning the steering wheel or hear high-pitched noises when you turn it, chances are your power steering system is low or may have sprung a leak.  If you are experiencing these symptom please let us know and we will inspect the system for you.

Power steering fluid is often overlooked during routine maintenance.  We know from experience that a periodic flushing of the fluid and replacement of that fluid is well worth the investment.  We stock genuine OEM fluids for all vehicles that we service.  Use of the factory original fluid is very important to use because these high pressure systems have unique fluid additive requirements and to use any fluid that is out of spec is a sure fire way to create a leak in this expensive system.

Power Steering Fluid Neglect Leads to Costly Repairs:

The cheapest component of your power steering system is the power steering fluid. Changing the fluid every few years can help prolong the life of more expensive power steering components. If ignored long enough, the power steering pump and/or power steering rack may need to be replaced. The cost of these related components can reach into the thousands of dollars.

From a safety standpoint there is a large safety risk. Leaking fluid from this system will make it difficult to control your vehicle. From an environmental point of view, leaking fluid is toxic can be dangerous to children and animals

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