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Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump:

The power steering pump is the workhorse that enables you to turn your steering wheel without great amounts of effort. The pump pushes high-pressure hydraulic fluid to your car’s power steering rack and pinion in an effort to keep your steering smooth and effortless. If you notice a fluid leak under your car or a spray of oil under your hood, or if it becomes difficult to turn the wheel, chances are your P/S pump needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

Power Steering Pump Repair or Replacement:

When your power steering pump fails, your only options are to replace it or rebuild it. Without a properly working pump to help push your wheels left and right, you won’t go very far. If ignored long enough the entire power steering rack and pinion assembly may need to be replaced due to metal filings scoring the internals of the rack and as the result of neglecting a failing pump.  There are also typically two rubber hoses related to this steering system and in time these hoses can break down and produce similar symptoms as a failing pump.  Be sure to get a complete diagnosis if you suspect a leak.

From a safety standpoint there’s a large risk, because a failing power steering system will make it difficult to control your vehicle and a leaking power steering system can potentially lead to an under hood fire. From an environmental point of view, leaking hydraulic fluid of this variety can be dangerous to children and animals.

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