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Mass Air Flow Sensor aka MAF

What is the Mass Air Flow Sensor?

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. This measurement allows the engine’s computer to mix the correct amount of fuel to correspond with any given quantity of air being inhaled by the engine. When the correct ratio of air and fuel is accomplished the engine runs perfectly and performs as you expect it to. The oxygen sensors provide a feedback loop to the engine management computer, along with several other sensors, and the all the while the computer is making adjustments thousands of time per minute and the Mass Air Flow Sensor is leading the way to correctly running engine.

It is possible to clean a MAF but it is discouraged due to the fact that the screen that the air passes over is so sensitive that it is easily damaged if the incorrect cleaning products are used. If your car is stalling or hesitating, or if you’re using more fuel than normal, chances are your mass airflow sensor needs to be tested or replaced. If this sensor isn’t working properly, the engine will not know the right amount of fuel to add, leading to poor gas mileage and lack of power.

Neglecting the Mass Air Flow Sensor Can Lead to Bigger Problems:

MAF sensors are now a part of modern engine maintenance but thankfully it is not done very frequently.. If you avoid addressing issues with your Mass Air Flow sensor, this can lead to bigger problems, including damage to your catalytic converter.

From a safety standpoint there’s low risk, but your car might not start and you could be left stranded. From an environmental point of view, a bad sensor will waste gas and increase your carbon footprint.

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