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Honda Pilot Repair in Tucson, AZ

Honda Pilot Repairs

With enough room to transport eight people, along with all your belongings, the Honda Pilot is the perfect sport utility vehicle for you and your family to use on road trips around the Southwest. Precision Auto Service Honda, Acura, Toyota, Subaru performs all Honda Pilot repairs with the expertise that is offered by the dealership, but at much more affordable prices.

Our Pilot Repairs Always Include:

  • Only high-quality parts and components
  • 12-month/12,000-mile warranty

While some repairs are unexpected, there are others you can be aware of that affect Pilot automobiles. Repairs we perform specifically for the Pilot include:

  • Warped front brake rotors: In your brakes system, the rotor allows the car to slow to a smooth stop when the brake pad is applied. However, if the rotor becomes warped, you may notice a vibration while braking. Depending how severe the issue is, we can machine the rotor or replace the rotor entirely.
  • Low Beam malfunction: Some Pilots automobile headlight wires have a poor connection to the combination switch, causing the wire to overheat in the headlight and prevent low beams from working properly. The problem can be easily fixed by replacing the combination light, low beams wire, and combination switch connector.
  • Water leaks: Various year models of the Pilot have a poor seal on the side marker wire harness. Because it isn’t properly shut, this can cause water to leak in the side of the vehicle. By resealing the wire harness properly into the cabin, the issue can be easily fixed.

Just as You’ll Find at the Honda Dealer, We Perform All Other Pilot Repairs Including:

For expert Pilot repairs in Tucson, trust the experts at Precision Auto Service Honda, Acura, Toyota, Subaru.


“They are responsive, answer all your questions, are prompt and the work is reliable, and the staff at the desk are great.”

– Marilyn A. from Tucson, AZ

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