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Camshaft Inspection:

The camshaft (aka Cam) is a shaft of your engine with one or more egg-shaped cam lobes attached to it. As the camshaft spins, the cam lobes open and close the intake and exhaust valves in sync with the motion of the piston. This is a critical job and can impact engine performance at different speeds.Modern engines have the ability to vary the timing of the opening and closing of the valves and this leads to engines capable of making more power and saving fuel at the same time.

Camshaft Replacement:

If the cam lobes are worn or the cam is binding, this can cause your engine to suffer. If your engine is idling roughly or accelerating poorly, ask your service advisor to take a look at the camshaft. A faulty cam is often a symptom of a much larger engine issue. The cam is linked to the timing belt or chain, as well as the crankshaft. Therefore replacement or repair is usually not simple. If your camshaft stops spinning because of a broken timing belt, the piston could hit the open valves.

From a safety standpoint there is a slight risk, because a failing camshaft might cause you to stall. From an environmental point of view, there is low impact from a worn-out cam.

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